How to guard against the costliest reactive FM call-outs



A burst pipe or significant escape of water on average costs between £8-12k to fix – and despite many of these incidents being preventable, it continues to be a common issue for commercial and residential properties.

Last year alone, Diamond Facilities Support attended just under 3,000 reactive callouts relating to escape of water.

Luke Yates, Associate Director at Diamond Facilities Support, has more than 10 years’ experience in the plumbing industry, and has shared a checklist that FMs should follow to ensure their pipes are free flowing all year round.

If you suspect a frozen pipe then you must look to thaw it very gradually after turning off the stop cock, a plumber may use a heat gun in small bursts but property owners could use a hair dryer or even a hot water bottle. It is, however, advisable to consult a professional to avoid any further damage.

If you do suffer a burst pipe then it is essential you do the following:

Sometimes stopcocks can seize which makes them extremely difficult to operate, especially in an emergency! The Diamond Group have years of experience in fitting Surestop.

Surestop turns off water at a flick of a switch without the need of batteries or electrics. This can be a direct replacement for a brass stop cock.

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